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“Every Flag Has A Story”

Every flag does indeed have a story. Below is a selection of case studies of how, why and where some of our flags have came from & went to.


We were called by Hytorc Industrial Bolting Systems to complete a survey at their premises. They had purchased flags elsewhere (not from a flag maker) which they were very disappointed with. Not only had they begun to fray after just a few weeks but the printer had printed the colours in the opposite to the way they were instructed to. After consultation we agreed to move forward with heavy duty double sided applique (stitched) flags and to produce them in the correct colours! Hytorc are delighted. Not only do they have their company image being projected through high quality flags – after all flags are usually the first impression a visitor will have to a company, but they now know that whenever the flags do inevitably begin to fray, they can lower them, get them back to The Flagman for repairs and re-hoist without the need to have tatty flags hanging for months before a new set is ordered. After this success at Hytorc Cramlington, we are now working on a project for their premises in Aberdeen.

TRW – Automotive Systems.

An urgent telephone call was received from our friends at TRW Automotive Systems. At short notice top management from overseas were to visit and the flagpoles were bare. Naked flagpoles is the last first impression the top brass want to see when visiting an overseas branch of their operation. The visitors were arriving on the Friday. The call was received on the Wednesday and on Thursday we sprang into action. Each of the three flagpoles had to be demounted from its base, the old rotten rigging removed and brand new fresh ropes fitted along with all new flags on each pole. We think they were suitably impressed!

Sugarfayre, Ashington.

After winning the queens award for Enterprise we wanted to celebrate our achievement by flying the Queens award flag along with our parent company’s Stars and Stripes and our own Union Jack. We approached The Flagman who promptly came to site and we then discussed suitable locations, sizes and orientation for three flag poles we required. The quote was acquired quickly and the installation was completed promptly with minimal fuss and disruption. We are more than happy with the end result. I would not hesitate in recommending the services of The Flagman to anyone who is thinking about installing flags and poles at their site.

Chevington, Northumberland.

We are very proud and honoured to have installed 4 new flagpoles to the war grave in Chevington, Northumberland. They were installed to commemorate ANZAC Day first but will be used for many more future ceremonies to honour the brave Soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.

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